Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Minigallery.co.uk do a feature where they ask you questions and these get turned into an online interview, mine is now available at http://www.minigalleryworld.com/Gareth_Buxton/interview/


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Landscapes still in progress

Landscape fans don't despair! all the cyberpunk electrical stuff is a strand of my work and I am working on some new landscape paintings :-)

Components in flesh

Last one today, another closeup from my test canvas, here we see a hole throught canvas and a nicely gunked up capacitor to give a surgically implanted look.

Experiments with wire and paint

Early experiments with wire and paint for the new series based around components and "flesh", some of the paintings are going to have active components such as lights and solar cells so at night they will sit there quietly winking away to their new owners. For me this is a very exciting new branch of creativity as it combines two of my interests (obsessions) and in doing so creates a harmony of art and science. Bliss!

Cutting holes in canvas

I've been cutting holes in canvas. There is something curiously perverse and almost sacraligous about pushing the scapel blade in to the clean stretched flesh of the cloth. Despite the appeal of doing this for the sake of it, thats not the only reason. This is the first of series of new paintings that blend electrical components, canvas and acrylic paint. More later.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

*NEW* Decay Wall - Finished

All finished! A very enjoyable painting to produce with lots of physical expression, mess and running paint. I'll put it on Minigallery real-soon-now.

Work In Progress: Decay - Semi Abstract painting

This is the painting that I am currently working on. Its 36x24 inches. Nature and its slow but inevitable takeover of the manmade is a subject that I return to often. Mould has started to grow and iron and other substances seem to leaking out of the wall. A little more work required but its only a few hours from completion.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Super new web site!

I've spent quite a lot of time over the past week completely overhauling my website and today I finally finished it. T ake a look at garbleart.co.uk OR garethbuxton.co.uk . The old site had grown "organically" :-) and so had become a mess.

The new site is a showcase of the paintings I like, ones that have sold and ones available to buy and the emphasis is on letting the paintings speak for themselves. I have also removed all the nasty old logos and really given the site a new "clean" design as well as reducing its size, the entire site now only takes a 1.21Mb, just bigger than a floppy disk, remember them?

Have a look around let me know what you think.

P.S.: Craig thanks for letting me use the quote!

Blackfriars Exhibition Visit

Blackfriars Exhibition: Saturday I travelled over to Boston to visit the joint exhibition that I am taking part in at Blackfriars. Boston is a pleasant little town with a real "seaside" feel to it. Craig has done a smashing job and the paintings look great. I was really excited to see 'Thinking Things' by Alex Sadler in the flesh, it looks even better in real life than on Craig's site. I'm a bit tempted.

For more pics see this blog

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fetish Light II - New Painting

The second in a new series of eight paintings, concerning our relationship with technology. At what point does technology cross over the line to become an object of obsession and fetish? Is our symbiotic relationship with technology a parasitic one? I am really enjoying painting this series and I expect to keep them myself or offer them as a complete exhibition at some point. Might enter one of them in the Derby Open.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blackfriars Exhibition - Looking Good

Craig has setup the "As Yet Untitled" exhibition at Blackfriars Art Centre and it looks fabulous! (Boston Installation Complete) Tina Ashton one of the exhibitors managed to sell one of her paintings before the exhibition was fully installed. Craig has also arranged for us to be featured in the local Boston Herald newspaper (Boston Standard Article ). It looks great from the photos, I will be visiting later in the week

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saatchi site - my paintings featured!

Its quite true, I now have 8 images with biographical information on Charles Saatchi's art web site here

Its not quite as exclusive as it sounds though! Charles Saatchi has opened up his web site and provided artists with there own webpage on which they can promote their art work. The site itself is really easy to use and signing up is very simple and quick. Each artist can show up to 8 images with commentary and can fill in the following sections; About the Artist, Education and Biography, Future Shows and Contact the Artist. The aim is to help artists promote their work and improve contact with curators and gallery owners. It looks like he is planning to launch new features soon such as blogging, an art forum is already open. Definately recommended and worth a look, what have you got to loose? You never know, Charles might be looking at your images soon!

http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery for more details

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Publicity material for auction

Here's the publicity material for the auction. I was quite proud, did it myself :-) Blogger.com has been diving me nuts today, it had real difficulty uploading this image (and any other image) for some reason.

New landscape and auction publicity

Derbyshire Moor painting, available through minigallery very similar to a painting thats going up for auction soon. Looking forward to the auction its going to be a smart evening dresss affair, I still need to hire a suit! I have been given a free advert in the event programme which will be good publicity and there will be pictures on the night which may well end up in Derbyshire Life and Countryside magazine (they did last year).

Monday, May 08, 2006

Postcard Art Sale - Invitation

I was delighted to receive a form in the post today inviting me to give a free Postcard Artwork to a regional charity. In October they are selling original art postcards for £15 each to raise funds. There will be a mix of famous, and non-famous artists taking place. Buyers get to choose the artwork but don't know the identity of the artist until they have bought the card. You are invited to add further information on your other work to the back of the painting. So its a win-win!

P.S: I have no idea who entered me in this one, but thanks whoever you are!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Another Gallery Lead?

Visit a local gallery today, they were in-between exhibitions I spoke to the owner and explained that I was a painter looking for new galleries to sell through and she invited me to the opening of her next exhibition a week tommorrow. She suggested that I send her samples of my work through the post so she can see what my painting is like. Nice :-) She is interested in abstract painting. Even nicer :-)

*NEW* Abstract Painting

Corpus Veneer V
- Its official title, is a 30 x 30 inch painting, acrylic as usual. Pursuing the theme of the fragility of human life.** This painting is particularly visceral and gory and I surprised myself when painting how angry I felt. The photo doesn't really do it justice. Its a very bold and "in you face" painting that seems to glow and flow on the canvas. Anyhow if you can handle it and you want to buy it, its on MiniGallery.

**Corpus Theme - The inevitable failure of the human body is a preoccupation that I express and explore through canvas. When we see our insides and are reminded of our biology we are confronted with our mortality.

Wedding and a job offer!

Friday was a nice day for my friend's wedding (Glyn)and lots of photo opportunities especially as they went out in canoes wearing all their gear :-) Got offered a Saturday morning job as a professional wedding photographer's assistant, turned it down, nice to have the offer though :-)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wedding Present

Its my friend Glyn's wedding celebration soon and so instead of buying him a bottle of bubbly or something equally dull I thought I'd paint a present. Above is the result, its Carsington Water (local reservoir) at twilight and it was inspired by a dusk walk and the resulting photos. The photos were underexposed but were enough to inspire the painting. I'm pleased with the result. Its particularly relevant as Glyn and his wife like messing around in water, usually in a canoe, although sometimes out of one, he's a bit of a physics grad man-from-atlantis kinda guy:-) Hope he likes it, especially after that description!

Blackfriars Exhibition on Artshole.co.uk

Hey the Blackfriars exhibition is on Artshole.co.uk click here for more details