Saturday, July 28, 2007

Museum of Modern Art - Finalist!

I have reached the finals of Museum of Modern Art (Wales) Tabernacle Art Competition. This exhibition runs 4 Aug - 6 Sep 2007 and has public voted and panel prizes. The exhibition coincides with the The Machynlleth Festival which is a lively local event celebrating all forms of art.

The theme of this year competition was "A Country Churchyard" and rather than go for the obvious I decided for a more radical approach. I thought an aerial view of my family churchyard (its just where some of my relatives are buried we don't own the churchyard or have a crypt or anything :-) would be a novel perpsective. The gaudy struck-on sign, is modelled on a typical tourist street map. The sign, which points at a gravestone, is labelled "You are Here". The painting is entitled "Map of Human Destiny".


Monday, July 23, 2007

Derbyshire Life - Artist of the Year - Finalist!

Great news I have made it in to the final of Derbyshire Life and Countryside's Artists of the Year competition. This panel selected competition will have a exhibition with a public voted prize.

Here's the painting, wish me luck!

New Art Gallery in Belper

Belper has its first Art Gallery, the Little Gallery, situated on Bridge Street in an up and coming area of the town. They have a some stunning photos by one of the owners Richard Cooper and quite a few of my paintings as well :-)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Wirksworth Festival

Every year the local town of Wirksworth has an Arts Festival. I applied and the judging panel accepted my proposal of 7 landscape paintings. The Festival is nice in that people open up their homes and then have an allocated arts or artists in residence during the two days of the "trail". The public can then walk from house to house looking at art and talking with the artists, and buy as well, if the fancy takes them :-) I really looking forward to it, I'm on the Bolehill Trail 22-23 September. Should be fun

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