Thursday, December 07, 2006

Specimen Dispenser - Period Advertising

As promised, period advertising to accompany the Specimen Dispenser. I would aim to display these alongside the sculpture when I exhibit it. The design and layout of the advert was inspired by TV and radio adverts of the 1950's and I like the idea of an advanced bio-elctro-medical product being invented in an alternative "history".

Visually I'm greatly inspired by Cyperpunk the Steampunk creative genres and I think the ad fits nicely somewhere between the two. its more "ValvePunk!" To give the advert added realism I printed off a good copy on to Lumijet Velvet paper and the rescanned the picture but with an overhead acetate layer in front, this gave some nice dust defects to the image and gave it a more weathered look.

Hope you like it. My next project is going to be an "adapted" 1920's phone, it will be called "Hotline to the Hereafter", watch this space!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Specimen Dispenser - New Sculpture

My latest sculpture is now pretty much completed, see pics below. A mysterious device with my trademark specimens contained in a dispensing tube. The 33 cm sculpture contains seven specimens each of different design and meaning.

The small slot in the case is for for unknown credits and a keypad is shielded behind two layers of "glass", thus there is no means of contolling the device or using effectively. In addition there is no obvious means for the specimens to be dispensed. As it gets dark the specimens are covered in a red glow of light. The device sits in the corner of the room being comforting and disturbing at the same time. Already I am strangely attached to it.

I am now working on the "advertising" which will accompany the piece.