Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ingleby Exhibition Preview

Some of the painitngs featured in the Ingleby exhibition

Misty View Over Curbar Edge

Moor View

Sun Through Clouds

Peak District Moorland Mist

Twilight Nr Buxton

Poppy in bloom

Derbyshire Open Arts: 23rd -25th May

Derbyshire Open Arts was an enjoyable weekend. We were a little apprehensive as the weather was very good. Sunday was the quietest day due to the glorious sunshine (dammit!) Still over the weekend we had over 230 visitors. Painting in the gallery window was not as scary as I expected and people took great interest in what I was painting and how I was painting it. One real surprise was the encouraging comments about my Face-a-Day books. With this I am planning to sketch a face a day for the whole of 2009. The faces are sort of doodles and often represent my current state of mind, some are grumpy and some are happy!

Thanks to everybody that attended, bought paintings and visited to show support. In some cases all three!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gareth Buxton at the Ingleby Gallery

Gareth Buxton will be putting on his largest exhibition to date the beautiful Ingleby Gallery in June. Months of work will be culminating in an exhibition of over 25 paintings at the gallery from the 14th June. The majority of the show will feature acrylics on box canvas with a small selection of limited edition prints.

Date: June 14th - June 28th 2009
Telephone: 01332 865995 / 01332 862301
Address: Ingleby Gallery, Ingleby, Nr Melbourne, Derbyshire, DE73 7HW
Preview: June 14th Noon till 4pm


About the Artist:

His dramatic landscapes and seascapes are inspired by places, memories and emotions. He finds more beauty in a dark rainy sea than in a glorious sunset. Many of his paintings show a battle between darkness and light, and this interplay creates a mood of tension and drama in his work.

Elements like the wind, rain, dark skies, the moon and the light bursting through the clouds that stimulate me profoundly. Landscape painting for me goes beyond literal representation of the land: it’s as much about representing me and my state of mind.”