Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saatchi site - my paintings featured!

Its quite true, I now have 8 images with biographical information on Charles Saatchi's art web site here

Its not quite as exclusive as it sounds though! Charles Saatchi has opened up his web site and provided artists with there own webpage on which they can promote their art work. The site itself is really easy to use and signing up is very simple and quick. Each artist can show up to 8 images with commentary and can fill in the following sections; About the Artist, Education and Biography, Future Shows and Contact the Artist. The aim is to help artists promote their work and improve contact with curators and gallery owners. It looks like he is planning to launch new features soon such as blogging, an art forum is already open. Definately recommended and worth a look, what have you got to loose? You never know, Charles might be looking at your images soon!

See for more details

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