Friday, June 30, 2006

"Conditioned Response" - Finished

I wasn't entirely happy with "Conditioned Response" that I thought I had finished last night. I looked at today and thought that something was missing. Having decided that it was too neat I slapped on some more of my blood coloured painting mix, including smearing the meter with stuff. Much better result I feel. More pics below. Hope you like it :-)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

"Conditioned Response" new painting-sculpture

Latest in the "Organic Flesh Machine Series" entitled "Conditioned Response"

With cunningly modified meter.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Organic Flesh Machine – Series Commentary

Organic Flesh Machine – Series Commentary

This series explores parallels between body and machine.In this world veins equals wires, electrical current equals blood and rust equals age.

Like my earlier Corpus Veneer paintings these sculptures engage with ideas about body, mortality and the passage of time.

On another level this series explores ideas about human and technological convergence. The devices that surround us are now part our nervous systems and as a result are extending and distorting our capabilities and perception.Our relationship with technology is symbiotic, but is this inter-dependence a parasitic one, and if so which is side the parasite? Removal or loss of certain devices or technological facilities can in some individuals induce states panic confusion and anxiety, is this loss akin to the surgically removal of nervous system capability?

These sculptural paintings are strongly influenced by the “Body Horror” of artists such as Clive Barker and the ideas David Cronenburg. My work also takes inspiration from cyberpunk authors such as William Gibson and directors such as Masamune Shirow for their depictions of technological bodily enhancement

The process of creating these works is in itself surgical. In order to embed the components and other objects into the canvas I use a scalpel blade. The act of cutting the "flesh" of the canvas induces a strange mixture of feelings, liberation, perversity, guilt and power. In cutting the canvas and implanting the objects into the surface I am taking it to another level giving it a third dimension and a new life. Subsequent work on the canvas involves mending the torn "flesh" of the canvas. At times this reconstruction is akin to a process of healing.

In the final sculpture the surgical combination of machine and flesh are realised. Is this a visage of surgical enhancement, medical necessity or sadistic torture?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

*NEW* Abstract called "Blood Rush"

Pure emotion in the "Blood Rush". 24x24 inch on box canvas. Painted sides and top, the canvas is 1.5 inches deep. Ready to hang. Available now at minigallery

Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Born Free" Charity Auction

Last night we attended the "Pride in the Park" dinner and charity auction at Pride Park in Derby. Pride Park is a dramatic venue and the food was great, nice silver service etc.

The auctioneer for the evening was James Lewis (of TV Cash in the Attic and Floggit Fame) he did a very professional job. Bidding for the evening was generally low, one (famous) artist who had donated a 1 of 1 limited edition print sold for 500 quid, the expected price was 1000+. My painting was described by the auctioneer as a "well painted atmospheric and moody Derbyshire landscape". It sold for 210 quid, which was a little under its market value. I left my business card on every table so hope to get a commission/sale as a result . A great evening.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

*NEW* Series - Organic Flesh Machine

I'm pleased to announce the first of a new series of paintings. Entitled "Trinity Sockets", this series explores ideas of body horror, biomechanics and our relationship with technology. Electronic components are embedded into the canvas, which has been scored and mutilated. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Gallery!

The Derwent Gallery is a great gallery in Grindleford in the heart of the Peak District, they specialise in local photography and paintings. Robin the gallery owner has been kind enough to "try" a couple of my paintings to see if there is any interest. The picture above is one of them. Fingers crossed.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Rejections and some unusual cuflinks

Two rejections this week. one from an Islington Gallery who I had applied to and one from a big "prints" chain. Neither thought that my work was suitable. Ah well, its always worth a try. Looking forward to the upcoming charity auction of my painting MoorRain. Picked up the lovely new handmade cufflinks today that I have bought from Lynn Price, a very talented artist who fuses metal and glass, they are fabulous!