Friday, April 03, 2009

Gareth Buxton - Artist Newsletter - April 2009

Gareth Buxton - Artist Newsletter 
April 2009

Stormy Weather
I really enjoy this time of year.  There is enough light now for some breathtaking cloud patterns but also stormy skies and fast moving winds to keep the landscape constantly changing. Managed to capture this wonderful moment the other day as a storm passed over Allestree/Kedleston area late afternoon.  This pattern of clouds didn't last long and I waited until the sun came through before snapping this one. The photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson called this the "decisive moment"

Don't forget - Masham Gallery Exhibition - Four Seasons in One Day 
Next exhibition - April 17th - May 24th 2009. 
Masham Gallery website at . 

masham exhibition

Website Update
I have updated my web site at
I decided on a simple clean one page approach which should load up quickly.  The new page has all the essential info and a grid with previews of nine of my paintings, clicking on this leads through to Minigallery for more information

Mad March Painting!
March has been a busy month as I am madly producing many paintings in anticipation of selecting the best for upcoming shows.  Below are a few samples of what I am working on.

Stanage Edge
Stanage Edge

Moorland Vista #15
Moorland Vista #15

Mist Over Carsington #2
Mist Over Carsington #2

Twilight nr Buxton
Twilight Near Buxton

Mist Over Carsington
Mist over Carsington

Doodling has always been a compulsive habit for me.  This year I decided to do a doodle a day, here's 3rd March!

Tweets from March
As you know I am a Tweeter and my Twitter my ID is garbleart (
Here is a selection of tweets from March
  • Reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. On page 22 - only another 898 pages go!
  • Finishing two fleshy sculptures whilst listening to st germain. Not the legendary immortal occult figure but the house/nu jazz musician;-)
  • Listening to 'Black Celebration', Depeche Mode. Love the sinster noises @ start of title track. Superb album even after all these years.
  • Today is Ada Lovelace day. She was the world's first programmer. She didn't drink Jolt cola or keep a selection of pens in her top pocket
  • In the studio painting. Listening to 'telepopmusic - angel milk' . Window open spring air. Lovely.
  • Trilogy Meter by Dan Meth. Graphical comparison of movies and their sequels. Certainly agree with the Matrix one.
  • Joke: 'three fonts go into bar, the barman says sorry we don't serve your type here' ;-)
  • Chilli. Red wine. Bread and butter pudding. Zombie massacre via house of the dead. Got to stay awake!!