Thursday, March 29, 2007

Solo Show Finishes Tommorrow

My solo exhibition finishes tomorrow as a new one starts on Saturday so Friday 30th March is the last chance to see it. I have found another gallery where some of the paintings will go next. Thanks to anybody that attended the preview or popped into see it during the last four weeks.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Solo Exhibition - Success!


This week I had my first solo exhibition at Gallery-S near Matlock in Derbyshire. Despite the quite appalling rainy weather I had a good turn-out of friends and family. The day started at 11.30, final touches to be ready for the opening at 12.00. Coffee, wine and nibbles flowed freely until 5 pm! In all there are 34 paintings/sculptures in the exhibitions plus two commemorative prints that the gallery prepared. Su and Steve the gallery owners have been very supportive and helpful throughout. Steve produced a great look show guide and some marvellous plaques for the sculptures based on my text. I will post these up here another day. In addition they trusted me to "curate" the exhibition in that I selected the paintings, decided the layout and hung the exhibition. This gave me the opportunity to go for a maximum impact arrangement, note the mixing of the large black Chromocryptogram sculpture amongst the landscape paintings. Some people even though that the sculpture was an electrical switch panel that I was having to work around!

Publicity wise Su and Steve got good coverage in the local glossy magazines . I got it listed on-line in various places, got listing in the local papers and the Independent and Guardian weekend entertainment guides.

Despite the poor weather I am really pleased to see so many people attending. It was such a great feeling to see all my creative effort in space. The various landscapes were like a spectrum of various mind-states going from almost black canvases to very light and optimistic pieces. I am please to say that I sold two paintings and a print on the day. One 16x20 painting of a local misty lake and one larger more expressionist painting (20x30), the former selling to a couple from London.

Thanks to all that made my first show a success, especially Lou who helped all the way through and took some fab photos.

Anybody still interested in seeing the show, its on for 4 weeks.


Main Wall

Friends Browsing

Moon and dark sescapes

Sculptural and abstract work

My brother provides classical guitar music whilst people browse (thanks Ian!)

Friends browsing

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Last minute preparations

The Solo Exhibition Opens on Sunday so I have been doing last minute preparations. Just printing off some CVs. Heard from the gallery today and they are going to take my sculpture commentaries and mount them on card to put next to the pieces which will work nicely.

My brother is already to provide the music at the show, he will be playing classical guitar for me. Nice. Tomorrow I will be shifting the 30+ paintings to the gallery and setting up the exhibition. Can't wait!