Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Minigallery Portfolio Update

I recently completedly updated my Minigallery portfolio, clearing out over 20 paintings, many of which are now being either reworked or having their canvases primed, ready to become new paintings!

Here is a painting in the gallery called "Kinder Just After Dawn" its available here

To see all of the newly updated online gallery at Minigallery please visit http://www.minigallery.co.uk/Gareth_Buxton/

Monday, July 19, 2010

Moon Moor and Sea: 22nd May 2010

Saturday 22nd May was the opening of my exhibition at the Tarpey Gallery. It was lovely sunny evening but despite the fine weather we had plenty of visitors. I was particularly pleased to see some new faces amongst the crowd.

As you can see the Tarpey Gallery is wonderful light airy space with large walls that really bring out the best in the paintings. I'd like to thank everybody that attended.

Some of the paintings are still available so do let me know if you are still interested in seeing any of the paintings that might be left.

Tywyn by the Sea

Tywyn - late afternoon

I took this picture at a relaxing break last month at Tywyn. Tywyn is in mid wales north of Aberyswyth and south of Barmouth. A pleasant seaside town with enough shops to survive comfortably but not too spoiled with touristy attractions. At the moment the sea front looks like a construction site, as it quite literally is. They are currently reinforcing the sea defenses, they have even created a mini island out at sea as part of this. For some reason this part of the world gets the most astounding sunsets. Sunsets whilst wonderful "live" are a bit "chocolate boxy" for me when it comes to photos and paintings. But I have included a photo any way below.

Tywyn - very late afternoon!